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Our Testimonials

Mr. Kazunori Suzuki

Back pain and elbow pain are taken care very well. The doctor is very gentle.

Mr. Mike Woo

Every time I am in Singapore I stop in and have an adjustment from Dr. Neil. Coming from a sports background Neil understands my lifestyle and always keeps me in top shape! So knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his patients. Thank you so much Dr. Neil!

Ms. Jolyn

Had frequent headaches/migraines for about 2 years. Lower back aches. During the treatment, there was no stress.  Comfortable ambience. Lesser complains.

Recovery rate is good.

Mr. Ivan Yao

Was having chronic neck pain and aches, the condition greatly improved after treatment from Dr John at Asia one. I can sleep better now and do better in my work. Strongly recommend to anyone who have back pain or neckache!

Ms. Connie Koh

Dr. Neil and the staff there are all very nice and friendly. I have been going there for my adjustments since year 2016.

Ms. Dawn Seet

Dr. Neil is excellent! Very helpful, caring and friendly. Most importantly, he is also very patient. Will listen to our concerns and address them accordingly.

Thank you Dr. Neil!

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