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What is Chiropractic?
chiropractic (Noun.) [ kahy-ruh-prak-tik ] | chi-ro-prac-tic

The word ‘Chiropractic’ comes from the Greek language, meaning “to practice by hand."


Chiropractic is a natural therapy that utilizes the chiropractic adjustment, a treatment that focuses on promoting healing through restoration of proper spinal alignment and movement, resulting in a healthy functioning nervous system and body.

What are some benefits of Chiropractic care?


- Posture

- Joint Mobility & Alignment

- Nervous System Function

- Immune System Function
- Physical Function & Performance
- Mental Clarity

- Sleep Quality

- Restoration & Healing Processes

Pain Relief for many conditions
Effective in managing

- Neck and Back Pain

Stress & Tension Disorders
- Joint Pain

- Headaches
- Sports Injuries

- Slipped Discs
- Scoliosis
- Sciatica
- Whiplash 
- Constipation
- Breathing Difficulties
- High Blood Pressure 
- Pregnancy related conditions
- Arthritis

- Bursitis

- Chronic Injuries

How does Chiropractic therapy work?

Our nervous system controls and coordinates every function of our body. When vertebrae (bones of the spine) become subluxated (fixated or out of alignment), spinal nerves can become pinched or irritated, affecting the ability of our nervous system to function properly.

Subluxations lead to the development of a variety of symptoms and conditions.

A Chiropractic adjustment corrects subluxations, restoring proper spinal joint movement and alignment; thereby, resulting in restoration of proper nervous system function and ultimately allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

What are some spine related symptoms?

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Spinal related symptoms
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